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Oneflo is a UK registered company founded in 2015, located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland close to Aberdeen - Europe’s Oil Capital.

Delivering Instrumentation, Online Measurement, Sampling systems and Oil & Gas sampling cylinders to the onshore and offshore Oil and Gas Industry.

Dedicated to distributing leading manufacturer’s products we deliver robust, technically proven and internationally accredited products with an unparalleled performance record.

Oneflo are committed to providing exceptional service and support to all our customers and partner companies.

With over 30 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry and extensive knowledge of sample cylinders, sampling systems and measurement systems. Oneflo can manage your inquiry from initial contact to delivery with a personal and reliable service.

Products we supply

Phase Dynamics - Water Cut Analysers and Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meters (CCM)

Water-Cut Analysers are precision real-time instruments developed specifically for use in the oil industry to measure the amount of water in oil pipelines.

The Compact Cyclone Multiphase Meters (CCM) are field proven real-time measuring systems for oil, gas, and water flowing from production wells.

Habu Sampling - Oil and Gas sampling cylinders

Comprehensive range of Oil & gas sample cylinders utilised in the collection and transportation of Exploration, Production and Subsea hydrocarbon samples from the point of collection to the laboratory for analysis and long term storage.

Fluimix - Oil & Gas sampling systems

Fully compliant Fiscal standard sampling Systems generating sufficient mixing independent of flow rate at the sampling point to guarantee fully homogeneous flow throughout the operating window over coming any measurement error created by the non-mixed flow.

Statiflo - Static and Motionless Mixing technology (Representing Aberdeen area)

Dynamic Leaders in the application of Static and Motionless Mixing technology. Applications for oil, gas and petrochemical industries range from low viscosity turbulent flow static mixing to high viscosity laminar flow. Solutions for custody transfer and fiscal measurement, exotic materials requirements and high pressure applications.

NEL (Representing Aberdeen only)

A leading provider of independent consultancy, on-site measurement, testing and calibration, research and development, and training services to the global oil & gas industry. Holder of the UK’s National Standards for flow measurement.

Densitrak – Liquid density measurement

On-line liquid density measurement to determine the quantity of crude oil flowing through a pipe line. A variety of Liquid Density Meter models are available to suit specific application requirements, such as Custody Transfer, Interface Detection, Product Blending, and process Quality Control.

Shanghai Yinuo Instrument Co., Ltd – Representing in the UK/Norway/Netherlands

A leading manufacturer of Mass (Coriolis), Double-Rotator, Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic gas flowmeter and vortex flowmeters. Utilised in the oil and gas, chemical, water, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Viscotronics Co., Ltd (Representing in the UK/Norway/Ireland)

Flow through and Inline Torsional Motion Viscosity Transducers, developed for the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, employing over 25 years experience. ViscoTron sensors have virtually no moving parts, are maintenance free and continually and precisely measure the viscosity of liquids.

Dutch Regulators (Reseller status)

Stainless steel pressure and back-pressure regulators for gas and liquid applications. General regulators threaded for the use with compression fittings or flange applications. Tank blanketing regulators designed for pressure control in the milli bar range. Pharmaceutical and special application regulators.

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Focusing on the Oil and Gas market segment, providing products to Operating Companies and Service Sector Companies within the UK and Europe. Oneflo would like to discuss the representation of your Instrumentation and Online measurement products where there is a strong synergy with the existing Oneflo product portfolio.