Product Sampling Specialists
for Oil and Gas Analysis, Scotland

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Oil and Gas sampling cylinders - Habu

A comprehensive range of sample cylinders suitable for Exploration, Production and Subsea sampling activities.

Oil & Gas automatic Sampling
Sample cylinders delivered to customers
worldwide operational locations

Types of sample cylinders

• Piston type Sample Cylinders with internal mixing capability
• IsoMix sample cylinders for water content determination
• Flow Through Sample cylinders
• Fixed and skid mounted Sampling Panels
• Sand Samplers

Rental Options:
During periods of high frequency sampling activity or when sampling equipment is out of serviceable operation. Oneflo can provide rental sample cylinders on a per-day basis or continuous rental options.

High Quality Sampling Cylinders

Oil & Gas sampling cylinders are utilised for the collection and transportation of hydrocarbon fluids and gases from the point of collection to the laboratory for analysis and long term storage.

The analysis of collected samples is only as representative as the quality of the collected sample and the chosen sample cylinder.

Designed and manufactured to ensure quality results.

Materials of construction and specification
Various grades of Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminium
Sample volumes range from 500cc to 20Ltr
Pressure range available from 1,800psi to 30,000psi.
Individual designs manufactured to customers project requirements.