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Oil & Gas Sampling Systems- KPS

Your Partner for Automatic Sampling - If Accuracy and Reliability counts

Automatic Sampling is one of the measurement methods most used to determine the quality of crude oil and condensate feeds, i.e. the water content and crude composition. As with all moving parts, automatic samplers are subject to wear. Especially in the cases of maturing production fields or locations where sand in combination with high pressure can be present, premature leaking of the sampler can occur. A new sampling design by KPS containing an innovative zero-leakage-valve has been found to cope with these harsh environments.

• Heavy Duty KPS CS-01 cell sampler
• Optimized for low maintenance
• Increased number of grabs between service intervals
• Reliable and accurate
• Handles heavy crude oils containing high solid content
• Highly viscosity crudes.

The CS-01 Cell is a heavy duty reliable and accurate flow through sample extraction device. The CS-01 Cell an integral part of the KPS bypass or “fast-loop” sampling systems. Proven to reduce maintenance costs together with a more reliable and accurate performance.

Oil & Gas Sampling Systems- KPS

• Design, manufacture, and maintenance of Automatic Sampling Systems
• Fiscal and custody transfer measurement of liquid and gas
• e-jetMix sampling, fast loop sampling and probe sampling solutions

Automatic Sampling

Fluids sampled
Crude oil, refined hydrocarbons (including non-lubricating products)

Viscosity range 0.5 to 8000 cSt.
Line temperature range -20 to +100°C / -4 to +212°F
Ambient temperature range -20 to +65°C / -4 to +149°F

Max. operating pressure
Configuration Full bore - flow through cell
Size range 1" to 2" Nominal bore
Mounting arrangements 1" nominal bore
ANSI class 150, 300 or 600 wafer type (standard)

1", 1-1/2" & 2" flanged versions available on request

Sample grab size (nominal) 1.04cc or 2.04cc

NACE certification available

Operating standards and ISO 3171,API 8.2, IP 6.2, PED . 97/23/EC,
CE compliance Machinery directive . 98/37/EC

Actuation method Pneumatic or Hydraulic

Most accurate sample grabber
Heavy Duty Low Maintenance Design
Fully ISO and API compliant
Not effected by pressure or viscosity variations

Oil & Gas Sampling Systems- KPS
Oil & Gas Sampling certified systems
Class 38C 50C 100C
150# 19 18,4 16,2 bar(g)
300# 49,6 48,1 42,2 bar(g)
600# 99,3 96,2 84,4 bar(g)
900# 148,9 144,3 126,6 bar(g)
1500# 148,9 144,3 126,6 bar(g)
Oil & Gas automatic Sampling