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Process and Laboratory Analysers Analytical Systems - Keco

Industry Trusted Analysers For Rapid & Reliable Analysis

Field-Proven Analysers for:
Process & Laboratory applications

• Liquid and gas, single component & continuous analysis
• Serving the chemical, refining, petrochemical, water processing, pipeline, gas processing, shipping vessel and offshore markets
• Exclusive ASI Membrane Technologies, ASTM approved methods utilised

Liquid Analysers

Field-proven liquid analysers for process, laboratory and field portable applications. The focus of design is on simplicity while maintaining accuracy. Liquid analysers include measurement of H2S in crude oil, diesel, fuel oil and water; Oil in water analysers and hydrocarbons (VOC) in water analysers.

• H2S in Liquids
• Crude oil, water, fuel oil, and any liquid
• Oil in Water
• Hydrocarbon (VOC) in Water

Gas and LPG Analysers

Online gas analysers for process streams as well as rapid laboratory analysis. Reliable and field-proven analysers increase efficiency and cut costs.

• H2S
• CO2
• Total Sulphur
• Total Sulphur + H2S (dual analysis)

Hydrocarbon (VOC) in Water Analyzer

The 204 model analyser incorporates the principles of the membrane-sensor technology avoiding the many interferences, inaccuracies & maintenance requirements of the fluorescence and turbidity methods.

• No Field Calibrations Required
• Minimal Maintenance
• Measures Aromatics & Aliphatics
• Precision to 1 ppb
• Clean and Dirty Water Analysis
• On-line Continuous Analysis
• Auto-Clean Filter System (optional)
• True Liquid Validation by Permeation Tube
• ATEX & IECEx Available

Process, Laboratory Analysers
Total Sulfur Gas Analyzer

Explosive proof packaging.

• ASTM Method
• Interference Free Detection
• Continuous Analysis
• Field-Proven Reliability
• 420mA & MODBUS RS-485
• PPB, PPM, Thru % Ranges
• Direct Read LCD
• Single LED Light Source
• Fault Diagnostics
• 60-120 Day Tape Life

Total Sulfur Gas Analyzer
H2S Gas Analyzer - Electrochemical

Explosive proof packaging.

• No Tape Required
• Continuous Analysis
• Explosion Proof
• PPM and Percent Ranges
• Limited Mechanical Parts
• Low maintenance
• 4-20mA & MODBUS RS-232/485

H2S Gas Analyzer - Electrochemical