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Oil in Water Analysers – Advanced Sensors

Improving water quality monitoring – Analytical Experts

The introduction of Advanced Sensors revolutionary oil in water analysers was a step change in technology.

The EX-100 was the first low maintenance analyser to provide continuous uninterrupted accurate and repeatable measurement of oil concentrations. Oil companies could now meet their regulatory oil in water discharge requirements with confidence.

Reliable real time data enabled the next step to improved efficiency of their separation processes, saving money and resources, and reducing downtime.

Advanced Sensors has developed a wide portfolio of low maintenance products, with complete remote access capabilities.


Offshore:    Discharge Management, Process Improvement

Refineries:    Cooling Water, Waste Water Treatment

Industrial:    Lubricating and cooling oils contamination

Marine:    Bilge Water, Exhaust Gas Cleaning

Core Technology


• Aromatic hydrocarbon molecules are excited by the absorption of light.

• A Laser light source is used to excite the hydrocarbons in the oil molecules.

• A light detector is used to measure the fluorescence.


• Measurement of Total Suspended Solids.

• Sand management for water re-injection.

• Separator performance and optimisation.


• Ultrasonic cleaning of side stream and inline sensor heads.

• Sound wave is passed through the sapphire window.

• Creates cavitation on window surface jet washing the sensor head.

Oil in Water Analysers

EX-100M/1000M side -stream oil/particulate in water analyser

Oil in Water Analysers

EX-100P/P2 - 1000P/P2

Single or dual inline oil in water analyser

Analyser Features

• Data and image storage

• Oil type switching (with EX-1000M model)

• Dual probe (with EX-100P2/EX-1000P2 model)

• Adaptive ultrasonic cleaning

• Periodic homogenisation of sample

• Particle and droplet size information

• Remote management and diagnosis

• Easy to install

• Turbidity detection enables user to identify process upsets

• Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)

• Optional integrated laboratory sample point

• Spectrometer (with EX-1000M model)


• Robust and reliable

• Easy to use

• Low Cost Of Ownership (COO) with no routine maintenance required

• No degradation of signal or recalibration required

• Side stream format offers localized sample control

• Droplet size compensation with homogenized samples

• Sample point facilitates laboratory correlation

• Remote control and monitoring (suitable for un-manned locations and remote process monitoring)

• Instantaneous measurements

A portable (handheld) unit for quick and easy measurements directly in water or directly in flow.

Oil in Water Analysers

Oil in Water Analysers


• The PD-1000 is an incredibly powerful Oil in Water analyser

• Suited to a lab or field measurement

• No Sample pre-treatment required

• Data storage and analysis on device

• Measurement range up to 3,000 PPM